Joyce Spizer Foy, Dallas screenwriter, movie producerand author. She is the co-author of the Howard Keel book, "Only Make Believe." Joyce has feature films and TV shows in development.
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News Flash – Fall 2014
Girls & Gunsmoke Mikki Daniel’s first western book in a series is fresh off the press. Joyce was pleased to mentor Miss Mikki who is an amazingly talented seventeen-year-old cowgirl. Seventeen? You read that right. Surprised? An original Texan, Mikki also plays a number of musical instruments, writes her own music, has Award-winning CDs, and sings like an angel.
To order your book and/or CDs – or catch her tour schedule, please find her at:
Book Review
The Cross Country Killer: The Glen Rogers Story by Joyce Spizer Foy as told by Claude Rogers, Jr.

Top Publications - 2001
ISBN: 1-929976-11-9 - Paperback
True Crime
Some graphic language and violence
Reviewed by Jen Oliver,

This book is up there with Ann Rule's true crime novels. Joyce Spizer Foy does a great job in working with Claude Rogers, Jr. and in telling his brother, Glen Rogers' horrific story. Glen Rogers was a serial killer that killed in California, Florida, and Kentucky.

Ms. Foy goes through Glen's horrific childhood and helps the reader come up with reasons why he did the things that he did. She showed that there were realistic reasons for why Glen went after and killed many redheaded women and why he usually left them in bathtubs.

Ms. Foy goes into plenty of detail about Glen's court cases and shows how his family felt about Glen going to court. She showed that Glen had a strong support system in his brother, Claude.

If you are a fan of true crime and are a fan of Ann Rule, then you should pick up this book. It keeps your attention and does not slow down. Ms. Foy keeps the reader entertained throughout the whole book.
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For the month of April 2011, Joyce traveled to darkest Africa to further research an upcoming true story, "Man-eater of Mfuwe," based on the 1991 conservation hunt of California's Wayne Hosek. The book will be published by InCahoots Literary. She and a friend and photographer, Joyce Griffith, covered bush country in Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and Namibia gathering data and meeting the natives in remote villages and camps. This extensive documentation may ultimately lead to a film by the same name. Click on this link to view some photos of this trip by Joyce Griffith. 

Joyce with freshman U. S. Congressman Allen West
at the Lincoln Day Dinner, April 2, 2011, Dallas, Texas
News – October 25, 2010:
Judy Keel, Mrs. Howard Keel, and Cloris Leachman, star of stage, television and film, are shown with the print version of Only Make Believe by Howard Keel with Joyce Spizer Foy. Look for the eBook version by InCahoots Literary, soon.
SCREEN ACTORS GUILD HONORS Sheldn Smith with Second Annual Howard Keel Award 

May 22, 2010,

SAG recognized Sheldon Smith at a National Press Club dinner in Washington, D.C. for Smith's achievements and contributions as a member of the Screen Actor's Guild. A member since 1968, Smith is an award-winning actor, narrator, and is the voice for Republican media campaigns in America.
Named for the legendary actor/singer and former SAG president, the Howard Keel Award is presented annually to the person who makes a significant contribution to the promotion and welfare of members of the Guild.
Keel's widow, Judy, says, "The family is honored to have this award given in perpetuity to those SAG members that are as dedicated to the Guild as Howard. Congratulations to Sheldon Smith for his work."


Los Angeles, CA (November 10, 2008) - The Regional Branch Division (RBD) of Screen Actors Guild (SAG) established the Howard Keel Award to honor RBD members who have made significant contributions to the welfare and benefit of professional actors in their Branch and reaffirmed the status of the SAG RBD as part of a national union.

From a pool of candidates spanning the country - the SAG RBD selected the first recipients of the award: Fern Persons of the SAG Chicago Branch and Edith Ivey of the SAG Georgia Branch. "Fern Persons exemplifies the qualities that the Guild’s Howard Keel award seeks to honor. Her service on behalf of her union has provided support and leadership to Chicago members and to the entire Regional Branch Division. She played a critical and much appreciated role in the development and advancement of SAG’s Regional Branch Division,” said Todd Hissong, SAG Chicago Branch president.

“It is a true honor to present the Howard Keel award to Edith Ivey. She has played such an extraordinary role in bettering the lives of actors in Georgia and throughout the United States. Her service on the board and her efforts on behalf of actors are a credit to her and to the union,” said SAG Atlanta Branch President Mike Pniewski.

About the Honorees:
Fern Persons (Chicago) became a member of the Screen Actors Guild almost as soon as the Branch was established in 1953, and served on the local Council for 44 years. Prior to the 1970’s, Branches outside of Hollywood and New York rotated service as a single shared Vice Presidency. Fern Persons led the fight to establish permanent, numbered Vice-President seats for members of the former Regional Branch Conference (now the RBD). As a result of Fern’s leadership, Chicago, San Francisco, and Florida members elected representatives from their respective Branches to serve as numbered Vice-Presidents of the Guild and consequently held permanent seats on the National Executive Committee (NEC). The smaller Branches were also guaranteed numbered Vice-President seats and also sat on the NEC. This system was the precursor of the current Guild governance structure, the 3rd Vice Presidency and permanent NEC seats reserved for Branch National Board members. The RBD as we know it exists in no small part due to the efforts of Fern Persons.

Edith Ivey (Georgia) has charmed audiences and bettered the lives of countless SAG members, devoting herself to enabling professional performers to live and work in Georgia and throughout the Southeast. A member since 1953, she served on numerous committees - Seniors, Agent Relations, Nominating Committees, etc. Her compassion and tenacious dedication to local members has been an incalculable asset, yet her greatest accomplishment was her co-founding of the Georgia “Casting About” program. Through “Casting About” local members were given the chance to meet face to face with casting directors from all over the Southeast, allowing members to showcase their talent as well as build productive relationships for the future. This “members only” event exposed hundreds of local actors to significant casting people in our area and led to numerous work opportunities for SAG members. Edith has been awarded the “SAG Georgia Life Achievement Award” for her efforts and is without question one of that Branch’s most beloved members.

About Howard Keel:
Howard Keel burst onto the international scene in 1947 via his London theatrical performance as “Curly” in Oklahoma! Memorable film roles followed, including Annie Get Your Gun, Showboat, Kiss Me Kate and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Mr. Keel became SAG’s 10th National President (1958–59) and during his term the SAG National Board was increased from 39 to 52 seats, allowing for Branch representation - for the first time - from New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Detroit and Boston.

About SAG:
Screen Actors Guild is the nation's largest labor union representing working actors. Established in 1933, SAG has a rich history in the American labor movement, from standing up to studios to break long-term engagement contracts in the 1940s to fighting for artists' rights amid the digital revolution sweeping the entertainment industry in the 21st century. With 20 branches nationwide, SAG represents over 120,000 actors who work in film and digital television, industrials, commercials, video games, music videos and all other new media formats. The Guild exists to enhance actors' working conditions, compensation and benefits and to be a powerful, unified voice on behalf of artists' rights. SAG is a proud affiliate of the AFL-CIO. Headquartered in Los Angeles, you can visit SAG online at
Joyce is the co-author of Howard Keel's book, "Only Make Believe." Check out the book description and reviews on our Products page.

a new cookbook:
If you'd like to know how the celebrities cook, please order "Legends in the Kitchen" recently published by Five Star Publications of Chandler, Arizona.

A while back, Joyce introduced two friends, Linda Radke, President of Five Star Publications and Judy Keel to each other and this collaboration of ideas resulted in this delicious cookbook. Joyce has receipes on pages 7, 130, and 131. It's a terrific gift idea for any occasion.

Check out their Web site:
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Joyce's Marketing Book
This latest Joyce Foy book was a tremendous success this Spring at the Las Vegas Writers Conference. Order your copy today. Click on this link for order form.
Joyce didn’t give up on her dreams, and she won’t let you either.

When Joyce’s first book was published in 1998, she presented her publicist with a seventeen page dream list for her tour. Joyce had completed the first 10% – getting the book published. Marketing is the other 90%. After all, who are your buyers once your Christmas card list is exhausted?

IRWIN Award-winning author and screenwriter, Joyce Foy, wants to help you with that 90%. This marketing book is chocked full of new concepts, ideas, and resources that both the published and the yet-to-be published authors cannot succeed without.
This new book in on CD-ROM. You can view this book on your computer using Adobe Reader and print out any pages on your computer printer. Adobe Reader installers are included on this CD-ROM.
“Because fiction is a greater challenge to sell than nonfiction, you'll need persistence and guidance. This book shows the way.”
Dan Poynter, The Self-Publishing Manual

Joyce's Latest Book

"From Selma to the Super Bowl", the story of Leroy Hill's family, will be published in time for Super Bowl 2008. Leroy's son played in the NFL. Maybe you heard of him: Tony Hill #80 wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, 1976 to 1986.

First Edition autographed copies available. Limited quantities.

Leroy Hill never used his blackness as an excuse to waive his responsibilities to his God, his family, his friends or his profession. One of his sons, Anthony (Tony) Hill, became one of the youngest players to ever be drafted by the NFL. Earning a position as wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys, Tony was awarded #80 on his jersey and the nickname “Thrill Hill” for his explosiveness. Tony played for the Cowboys from 1976 to 1986 and won two Super Bowl rings. His father, Leroy, acted as his manager and agent—a first ever in the NFL.

Leroy Hill, a boy from the bottoms, was born the poorest of poor in the South long before the words “equal rights” were used in the same sentence. He faced racial profiling, job and housing discrimination, bigotry, and hatred for decades and despite it all—he joined the navy, served aboard the USS Lexington during World War II, fought in the Korean War, and had a successful career in the private sector.

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